Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth II Going At It Over Pricey Renovations - Prince William Caught In The Middle

Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth II Going At It Over Pricey Renovations - Prince William Caught In The Middle
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Another royal scandal is brewing between Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, and an angry Prince William is stuck in the middle.

According to sources close to Buckingham Place, Queen Elizabeth II is furious that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has decided to spend millions of dollars to renovate Kensington Palace.

Not only are the renovations pricey, but they will also take several months to complete.

It has been confirmed that the royal residence set in Kensington Gardens, London, England is too cramped up for the couple who has two young children - Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

They have decided to add an extension behind the 400-year-old palace.

William, who is second in line to succeed his grandmother, is eager to please his wife and plans to give her exactly what she asked for - a massive two-story basement extension that will cost a fortune.

In a statement issued by officials at Kensington Palace, it was revealed that the construction of the basement would add 5,000 square feet to the outstanding property.

The statement read: "The addition of a basement story is required to allow for the accommodation of administration which must necessarily be moved out of rooms leased from the Royal Household in Kensington Palace.”

It continued: "The extension will be designed to free up the palace suites for the Royal Family and will move the palace staff and the ceremonial dress collection into the new two-storey basement area."

In 2011, the Duke and Duchess spent almost $7 million dollars to renovate the palace for the arrival of baby George.

Following the birth of Princess Charlotte in 2015, the couple relocated to Amner Hall in Norfolk, and some believe that Middleton is constantly asking for changes to Kensington Palace because she does not want to live in London.

Kate is happy in Norfolk where it is peaceful and paparazzi free.


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