Kate Middleton And Prince William Will Be Hands-On Parents With Prince George - Is It A Way To Skip Royal Duties?

Kate Middleton And Prince William Will Be Hands-On Parents With Prince George - Is It A Way To Skip Royal Duties?

Kate Middleton and Prince William have decided to be hands-on parents and drop and pick up Prince George at school every day when he becomes a pupil at Thomas's in South West London this September and many members of the royal family including Prince Charles are already complaining that the pair found another way to get out of their royal duties.

At a recent charity event in London, The Duchess had a little conversation with a few parents, and she told them that poor little George, he has no idea what he will be up against when he meets his teachers.

After talking to the group of people, she concluded by "see you at the school gate," and it appears that Kate will keep her promise.

In the fall, Middleton and William will take turns on driving George on the three-mile journey from their home in Kensington Palace to the Battersea school each day.

Many predict that the parents will have to face rush hour traffic, which implies that the half-hour drive could be extended by at least 15 minutes.

A source close to Mrs. Middleton and the Prince said they plan to be hands-on parents to make sure George and Charlotte have normal lives.

The spy with a connection to the royal family told the Daily Mail : "They are very hands-on parents and although they acknowledge that it might cause a bit of a buzz to start with, they are hopeful it will soon settle down. It's very important to both of them that George enjoys as normal a childhood as possible, particularly as he settles into a new school, and for them this includes dropping him off at the school gates."

Another source added: "Kate wants George – and later Charlotte – to have the same school experience that she did as a child. Both she and William very much agree on this and think George will be very, very happy there."

Many royal family members - especially Prince Charles - believe that once more William and Kate have found a way to skip their engagements and royal duties by chauffeuring their child to school.

Charles is furious because the pair could have chosen the Kensington sister branch of Thomas's, but they opted for the school at Battersea which is miles away.


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