Kate Middleton And Prince William New Royal Baby Probably Due Sooner Than Everyone Thought

Kate Middleton And Prince William New Royal Baby Probably Due Sooner Than Everyone Thought
Source: The Sun UK

If you are a UK royal fan, then you're probably paying attention to when the sweet little baby will arrive. Prince William and Kate Middleton made their formal announcement on September 4th. It is estimated that Middleton was nearly 12 weeks pregnant at the time the happy news was shared with the public.

Most couples, whether they are well-known or leading everyday lives tend to wait about 3 months into a pregnancy to let people know they are expecting. This is simply a common occurrence that a lot of couples adhere to.

While most of the couples are not alike Prince William and Kate Middleton, they certainly can relate to having family and friends ask lots of questions about the baby’s upcoming arrival.

However, many publications are estimating that the royal couple waited at least until the 3 month period into Middleton's pregnancy to make the official announcement. Now if this is the true timing, then the couple is expecting their baby closer to April 2018!

There has been no official royal announcement, sharing a possible due date. So, for now, people are simply having fun guessing and wondering when the sweet baby will arrive.

Just as anyone can imagine, lots of people are trying to see if they can catch any possible hints as to when the baby is due. There is a lot of excitement around the royal family adding a 3rd child.

Prince William recently visited the Spitalfields Crypt Trust, a charity in East London and during a casual conversation he mentioned that the baby might be arriving earlier than people think it could. Could the baby be actually due in February or March 2018?

Prince William and Kate Middleton have 2 children, their first child is a boy named Prince George who is 4 years old. Their second child is Princess Charlotte, she is 2 years old.

Both young children are quite happy about welcoming a new sibling.


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