Kate Middleton And Her Husband Prince William Picked A Beautiful French Name For Baby Number 3: Report

Kate Middleton And Her Husband Prince William Picked A Beautiful French Name For Baby Number 3: Report

By the look of things, Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, have picked a name for baby number 3, according to the latest rumors.

Not that long ago, Kate and William announced to the world that they were expecting again.

Since the news broke, many have been speculating on the gender of the baby.

According to several sources, Kate is having another girl and the entire family is excited by the news including Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2.

After thinking about the matter, the couple has allegedly picked the name Alice for the baby.

A source said the royal couple never had plans to name the child Diana like some media outlets were speculating.

The person added: “William and Kate have decided to wait until the baby is born before announcing the name, but they do have a shortlist of possibilities. They were favoring very traditional names, such as Phillip, or Andrew for a boy, and Elizabeth or Marguerite for a girl. And picked Alice."

According to the same insider, Kate was hoping to keep the pregnancy a secret a little longer but once more severe morning sickness sent her to the hospital forcing her to make the news public.

The person in the know claimed: “Once Kate told William and the kids, there was little hope for discretion, she hand wrote a letter to William in the voice of their unborn child. He signed the note, Alice."

The chatty pal went on to say: “They are over the moon. Expect the whole family to start celebrating as soon as Kate is up to it. Kate was overjoyed to have something to celebrate as a family, especially since she could not be there for George that morning.”

The royal insider also claimed: “So far, fingers crossed, Kate has not been struggling anywhere near as much with the debilitating morning sickness she previously suffered, so she is hoping this pregnancy will be much easier and more enjoyable.”

The name Alice is a French baby name which means nobility.

According to historians: "As a British royal, Alice was Queen Victoria's second daughter, the princess who shocked her Victorian mother by breastfeeding her baby."

Fans of the high-profile couple find the name Alice very lovely.


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