Kate Hudson Shares Family Photos And Video — Goldie Hawn Calls Danny Fujikawa A Blessing

Kate Hudson Shares Family Photos And Video — Goldie Hawn Calls Danny Fujikawa A Blessing
Credit: Source: Kate Hudson/Instagram

Kate Hudson is living her best life and enjoying her time with partner Danny Fujikawa. A family of five, Kate recently shared the first public photo of herself and Danny with her two sons and the couple's eight-month-old daughter Rani Rose. As Kate enjoys this high time in her life, Goldie Hawn is showering praise upon her daughter and Danny. In a Father's Day video that Kate shared showing Danny and Rani spending quality bonding time and plenty of giggles, Goldie left a comment and called Danny a blessing.

The photo of Kate, Danny, Ryder, Bingham, and Rani went viral. Kate shared the photo with her more than 10 million followers and it has over 395,000 likes and over 2,000 comments.

The photo was clear and bright and showed everyone's face as they beamed with happiness, love, and joy. Rani Rose, however, stole the spotlight by looking directly ahead and the photo captured her full face.

It was the first time Kate Hudson shared a photo of her whole family online and fans were thrilled to see everyone happy and smiling. Kate captioned the photo simply and sweetly, "My loves of my life ☀️."

You may see the photo Kate shared below.

It isn't just photos Kates is sharing with her millions of fans. She is also sharing videos that let her followers see a more intimate look at her life with her children and love Danny.

A video Kate shared for Father's Day has also gone viral as it shows Dany playing with Rani Rose and her giggling uncontrollably.  The video has nearly 200,000 likes and more than 1500 comments.

Kate captioned the sweet video that shows Danny with his hat on kissing eight-month-old Rani on the cheek and her continual giggling with the following, "EVERYTHING ❤️@swimswammyslippyslappy #HappyFathersDay #Rani."

Fans loved the video but Goldie Hawn's response was especially sweet.
Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson have an extremely close mother and daughter relationship and they not only live close to each other but spend plenty of time engaging in activities together.

Kate's video went viral and has more than 1.1 million views and over 1,000 comments.

You may see the video in the player below.

It's important that Goldie gets along with the people in her life and there is no doubt that Goldie approves of Danny. After Kate shared the video, Goldie left the following remark.

"What a blessing you are papa. That bundle of joy belongs to you!! 💓 Happy first Father’s Day #1."

What do you think of Kate's new photos and videos of her happy family?


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