Kate Hudson Says She'll Raise Her Kids Without Gender Expectations

Kate Hudson Says She'll Raise Her Kids Without Gender Expectations
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Kate Hudson isn't subjecting Rani Rose, her daughter, to any gender norms. The 39-year-old actress said in a new interview with AOL that she will use a "genderless approach," to parenting her three-month-old baby as well as her two children from other relationships, Ryder Russell, and Bingham Hawn, who are 7 and 15 respectively.

When speaking with the outlet, she said the fact she has a daughter hasn't changed her way of parenting, but there's "definitely a difference" between her girl and boys. Kate believes you should raise someone "individually," because she still doesn't know how her daughter is going to identify.

The actress said that, currently, her daughter has an "incredibly feminine" energy, including her mannerisms and the sounds she makes. She said, "it's very different from the boys, and it's really fun to actually want to buy kids' clothes."

According to Kate, who was the only girl in a group of brothers, her upbringing allowed her to see the fluidity and the interchangeability of different gender roles. For instance, Kate claims she always used to put makeup on her brother and he loved to play dress up.

Speaking on what it was like to grow up with all boys, Kate said that growing up with boys allows a girl to really have "thick skin." She said people would always say to her, "oh, your brothers must've really protected you," but they actually didn't, they threw her right into the fire, the actress explained.

According to Kurt Russell, her father, Kate has changed her demeanor since having a daughter. The star said it's a bit different with a girl while speaking with People Magazine back in November.

Kurt Russell, the Guardians Of The Galaxy star, said he's really glad to see that his and Goldie's daughter, Kate, was able to have a kid with her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa. He and Goldie are proud of their daughter.

It may come as a bit of a surprise to learn that Kurt Russell is actually Kate Hudson's father, despite the change in names. Kurt has Kate with the love of his life, Goldie Hawn.

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