Kate Gosselin Fuming After Jon Posts Rare Pics With Son Collin!

Kate Gosselin Fuming After Jon Posts Rare Pics With Son Collin!
Credit: Source: starmagazine.com

One report claims that Kate Gosselin is fuming after her ex-husband, Jon posted a pic with their 14-year-old son, Collin, on social media. Here’s why she’s allegedly so bothered by it!

Seeing Jon Gosselin with any of his kids, aside from Hannah who now lives with him ‘full time,’ is pretty rare which is why his reunion with Collin was a surprise for the fans but a shock for the mother.

An insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Kate is furious over Jon’s photos he has posted with Collin. She feels like he was posting just to make her mad and it worked.’

What makes the picture even more of a shock is the fact that Collin was enrolled by his mother in a ‘special needs’ program away from home, so they don’t get to see him that often.

As for the custody battle between the former Jon and Kate Plus Eight stars, People previously reported that while Hannah may be living with her father, Kate is still the one who has ‘full custody’ of the children.

‘Kate hates not being in control of the kids, and she cannot stand to see Jon with Collin. Kate is very hard to get along with on a good day, so Jon knew exactly what he was doing and how posting that photo would make Kate feel,’ the source went on to tell HollywoodLife.

Jon was furious when Kate decided to send Collin away ‘without consulting’ him.

During an interview with ET back in 2016, Jon claimed she didn’t even tell him where the boy went.

‘I mean, I ask, but she doesn’t tell me. She doesn’t answer any of my texts.’

‘As the kids are getting older, they can see how their mom can be — She’s bossy, controlling and extremely hard to tolerate, so it’s not a surprise that Collin wants to now have a closer relationship with his dad. The kids are definitely starting to choose sides now that they are older, and this latest move infuriates Kate,’ the source claims.

Earlier today, the proud father posted yet another pic of Collin, this getting a haircut.

The boy looked very happy to be home for his ‘weekend visit.’

It has to be noted that it’s unclear whether or not Collin stopped by his mother’s place as well while away from the ‘special needs’ center.


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