Kate Chastain Is Leaving 'Below Deck' - Check Out Her Announcement!

Kate Chastain Is Leaving 'Below Deck' - Check Out Her Announcement!
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Kate Chastain announced that she would no longer be part of Below Deck after no less than six seasons on the show. That being said, it sounds like she is ready to move on to something else in her career.

Kate took to her social media to write: ‘After many months of reflection and of internal discussions, I've chosen to make a transition in starting to carve out a progressive new land-based role. I intend to step back as a member of the whole Below Deck Family and to work to become financially independent while also stilll continuing to support His Majesty Andy Cohen.’

Her announcement was shared no too long before the second part of Below Deck’s reunion episode started airing.

Fans were able to witness Kate and the rest of the cast chatting about the season and the drama that had been taking place which, caused the chief stewardess to wonder how much she’ll stay on the show as well.

‘Personally, this has been a very challenging season for me. I think I am ready for a new adventure,’ Kate shared on the finale.

As you can imagine, a lot of fans were really sad to hear that she was leaving but judging by some of their posts, they are also hopeful that they’ll at least be able to continue watching her on TV via another project.

‘Please tell me you're getting your own show. If so, I'm in in in,’ one such fan assured Kate.

And even though she is leaving, it doesn’t look like her bond with Captain Lee Rosbach is coming to an end.

Captain Lee shared just how close the two of them are during one of the latest episodes of Below Deck.

‘The thing with Kate and I is, she's one of my best friends. It's always going go that way, I am always going to have her back, because she does not shy away from doing the right thing and I am such a believer in that. She's a really caring person. I do not look at Kate as an employee. We are co-workers. She runs her department, I run mine. She is the best there is.’

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