Kate Beckinsale’s Ex-Boyfriend Matt Rife Has Some Advice For Pete Davidson “Run”

Kate Beckinsale’s Ex-Boyfriend Matt Rife Has Some Advice For Pete Davidson “Run”
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Matt Rife, the ex-boyfriend of Kate Beckinsale has a message for her new man Pete Davidson, and it is not because he wants her back. Oh, on the contrary, it appears Rife is looking out for the best interest of the comedian.

"Advice for Pete? Man to man … run. Enjoy it while you can. I hope they're both happy. I hope that it can build to where it's an established, good relationship," Rife said to TMZ .

However, is his warning real or just a man scorned? Rife claims that despite his rods to Davison he does honestly wish the new couple the best.

"I hope they're happy. I do not really have solid advice. Be careful," he shared to US Weekly .

The 23-year-old began dating the actress not long after her divorce from Len Wiseman in 2016. Beckinsale and Rife were first linked in 2017 but were last spotted in summer of 2018. As for what went wrong or why their union was short-lived, well he didn't divulge too much into why they separated.

"We dated for a year, it was complicated. For sure. A lot of ups and downs. But she's moved on," further explained to the magazine.

Unfortunately for Rife, there is no escaping his former flame's new romance. The actress and Saturday Night Live star have not been shy about showing their affection for each other in public. Most recently the two had a serious make out season during a New York Rangers session that made those around them very uncomfortable.

It has been a whirlwind romance for Pete Davidson, and Kate Beckinsale is still going strong. The Serendipit y star recently said she was looking for a guy who was funny and made her laugh. Looks like she found it in the 6-foot comedian, who is 20-years her junior.

One thing is for sure since the end of her marriage the actress definitely likes her men young. Her ex-boyfriend Matt Rife was 22=years younger than Beckinsale. Perhaps the fact that his one-time lady is dating a man near his age is one of the reasons Rife has given Pete Davidson some advice when it comes to the actress.

Whether he is kidding or not the former TLC animator has told the SNL funnyman he should run from Beckinsale. What do you think is his warning for real, or is he just bitter, or is he looking for some attention?


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