Kate Beckinsale Thinks She And Ryan Reynolds Look Like They Could Be Twins!

Kate Beckinsale Thinks She And Ryan Reynolds Look Like They Could Be Twins!
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Kate Beckinsale is convinced she is the twin of someone who is also in the industry – Ryan Reynolds! The actress believes the two of them look so much alike that it’s possible they would be mistaken as actual siblings.

This is basically what Kate said while a guest on Jimmy Fallon and the interview was definitely fun and amusing!

While chatting with The Tonight Show host, the actress told him all about the supposed resemblance she thinks she has with the other actor.

‘I look exactly like Ryan Reynolds. Like in a shocking way. Sometimes I see a bus going by with a poster and I think ‘Damn I look hot. Oh, wait, it’s not me,’’ she declared.

However, Jimmy was hilariously in disbelief hearing that statement.

That being said, he showed two side by side photos of Kate and Ryan, making it very clear that he could not see any resemblance.

Meanwhile, Kate could not believe that he really didn’t see it!

‘It’s weird, right?’ she insisted.

The actress continued her hilarious trolling by suggesting that she actually has an existential crisis about the whole thing, saying that she really sees herself in Ryan!

Not only that but Kate revealed a superstition she has regarding the uncanny resemblance – that if they were ever to meet in the same room, one of them would explode!

At this point, Ryan should even feel flattered that she thinks they look so much alike since she’s been working out and showing off her amazing body on social media.

At the age of 45, Kate doesn’t look a day over 25 and while Ryan is obviously also very good looking, the comparison with the actress is a major compliment without a doubt!

What do you think? Do Kate Beckinsale and Ryan Reynolds look alike at all or not?

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