Kate Beckinsale Says The Secret To A Happy Marriage Is 'Not Living In The Same House'

Kate Beckinsale Says The Secret To A Happy Marriage Is 'Not Living In The Same House'
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Kate Beckinsale is on the cover of the latest issue of Women’s Health magazine, and during her interview for the cover story, the 46-year-old actress revealed what she believes is the secret to a happy marriage.

Beckinsale - who was married to director Len Wiseman from 2004 to 2016 - says she thinks “more people would do well married if they didn’t have to live in the same house.”

The Underworld star explained that being married is “kind of easy,” but it’s the “living with the person thing” that is a lot.

“I also think that for women especially — and this is generalizing — but I think it’s common for us to mentally subjugate our needs to whoever else is in the room,” explained Beckinsale. “So if you’ve got a husband, a boyfriend, kids or parents, it’s so easy to come in with an idea of what you’d like to do, and then end up going, ‘Oh no, no, no, it’s fine.’ And it’s quite nice to not always have to negotiate that.”

Beckinsale, who shares her daughter Lily, 20, with her ex Michael Sheen, also opened up about dating in the public eye, especially men who are much younger than her, like 26-year-old Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson.

She said that if everyone is “sh*ting on you” that can make things “ugh for a minute.” And, that’s especially true when you aren’t doing anything wrong. Beckinsale says she would understand it if she was “strangling a squirrel or hurting someone.” But, living your life in a respectable manner shouldn’t cause anyone to get too excited.

No matter what the public or the media thinks, Beckinsale is going to keep living her life the way she wants to. She explained that it feels like a political act when a woman over 32 is having any fun at all. Beckinsale made it clear she isn’t talking about partying, drinking, and doing drugs because that’s something she would never do.

Instead, Beckinsale is referring to being goofy and going out instead of sitting at home and waiting for menopause to hit while crocheting.

“Unless you’re doing that, it somehow seems to be risqué, which is just kind of ridiculous to me,” said Beckinsale.

She also pointed out that she sees many men her age going out and doing whatever they want to do, whether it’s in a relationship, getting a tattoo, or deciding to buy a motorcycle. When it’s a single man in his 40s, Kate Beckinsale says no one ever asks why he hasn’t had more children or why he has so many girlfriends.

The new issue of Women's Health is at newsstands now.

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