Kate Beckinsale Recounts Horrific Experience With Harvey Weinstein

Kate Beckinsale Recounts Horrific Experience With Harvey Weinstein
Credit: Source: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate Beckinsale is speaking out about her horrific experience with Harvey Weinstein (she says she has had more than one though none reached the level of a felony). Kate's post follows Harvey Weinstein's 23-year-old sentence for sexual assault and rape. The sentence is a virtual death sentence for the 67-year-old who has been receiving medical treatment for heart-related issues. Kate described an encounter with Weinstein where he verbally assaulted and intimidated her. There was no recourse for her and while she applauds the changes being made in the industry, she is also hoping there will be industry help for those who find themselves verbally assaulted, bullied, harassed and victimized by those in a position of power.

Speaking about the Serendipity New York premiere that happened after 9/11 (the movie opened on October 5, 2001) Kate shared a horrific account of how Harvey berated her for what she wore to the event.

Kate explained that no one wanted to go to the premiere and she said it felt "disrespectful and tone-deaf."  Harvey insisted and they had the premiere, but that wasn't enough to please him. He was furious that Kate wore her hair pulled back and dressed in a white pantsuit, instead of a flashy, celebratory dress that showed off her body. Kate wrote of how he ambushed her the following day and humiliated her.

"The next morning Harvey called me and asked if I would like to bring my less than two-year-old daughter to his house for a playdate with his similar aged daughter I said ok. I turned up and he immediately called for his nanny to take the babies to another room to play. I went to go with them and he said: “No, you wait here .” The minute the door closed he started screaming “you stupid fucking CUNT, you CUNT you ruined my premiere .” I had no idea what he was talking about and started to shake. He said,” If I am throwing a red carpet you get in a tight dress, you shake your ass you shake your tits you do not go down it looking like a fucking lesbian you stupid fucking cunt .” The shock made me burst into tears.

"I tried to say “Harvey, the city is on fire, people are still looking for their relatives none of us even felt the premiere was appropriate much less coming out dressed like it’s a bachelor party .” He said,” I don’t care -it’s my fucking premiere and if I want pussy on the red carpet that’s what I get”.Screaming. Livid. I managed to get myself and my child out of there and yes that was one of many experiences I had that there was no recourse for, and falls under no felony. But I WAS punished for it, and for other instances where I said no to him for years, insidiously and seeming irreversibly.

Kate then spoke about what a relief it was that Harvey Weinstein was behind bars. She praised Rose McGowan for her bravery but also addressed the issue that more industry-wide change was needed.

What do you think about Kate Beckinsale's account?

Do you agree that there should be more accountability for those who use their power to bully, harass, and threaten others, even if their behavior doesn't meet the definition of a criminal felony?


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