Kate Beckinsale Recommends ‘Life Changing’ Book To A Fan Dealing With Loss

Kate Beckinsale Recommends ‘Life Changing’ Book To A Fan Dealing With Loss
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The actress came to the aid of a pained fan on social media who has experienced a terrible loss. Kate Beckinsale shared her advice when it comes to dealing with grief, recommending the fan and many others who may need it, a special book that helped her a lot personally.

The star showed how much she cares for her followers by helping them deal with loss.

Kate Beckinsale opened up about a miscarriage she suffered years ago and about a week later, she announced her new collab with charity The Mariposa Trust, meant to help others who have also experienced pregnancy loss.

Then, when one fan shared their story about losing their husband in the comment section, Kate reached out directly with some valuable advice.

The fan wrote that ‘family and friends who both tell me that I need to stop talking about him and move on.’

But Kate had something else in mind, advising the fan to: ‘Read this book — Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology, and How You Can Heal by Donna Jackson Nakazawa. It’s life-changing. I am so sorry for your and your son’s loss xxx.’

According to the description from Nakazawa, Childhood Disrupted is meant to explore how ‘emotional trauma we suffer as kids not only shapes our emotional lives as adults, it affects our physical health, longevity, and overall wellbeing. Scientists know on a biochemical level how parents’ chronic fights, divorce and death in the family, being bullied and growing up with a hypercritical, an alcoholic, or mentally ill parent can leave permanent, physical ‘fingerprints’ on our brains.’

Based on that official description, it really sounds like the book would be really useful in dealing with grief.

Kate also lent her support to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend recently after the couple sadly lost their third pregnancy because of complications.

The actress defended Chrissy and John for sharing pictures of the dead infant and of them mourning after many criticized them for documenting it and putting such pictures into the world when grief should be personal and intimate.

Kate argued that there is no ‘protocol’ for how people grief and that such things differ for each person.

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