Kate Beckinsale Reacts To Meme Dragging Her Romance With Pete Davidson - Check Out Her Epic Response!

Kate Beckinsale Reacts To Meme Dragging Her Romance With Pete Davidson - Check Out Her Epic Response!
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The actress is well aware that there are memes mocking her PDA with Pete Davidson at a hockey game and she is sick and tired of them. Kate Beckinsale had the best response to a meme that made fun of the two locking lips in front of Queer Eye’s Antoni.

Her clap back may be simple, but it was definitely very efficient!

As you may know, the whole internet freaked out over Pete’s kiss with the 20 years older woman at a NY Rangers game a few days ago.

The reason was not just their unlikeliness to have a romance, or that their openness to show public affection took them by surprise!

It was also the fact that Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye was sitting in the seat next to them and in the pics captured by the paparazzi, he looked distraught by the PDA!

Sure enough, his hilarious facial expressions gave birth to memes!

One such meme suggests that Antoni represents: ‘wholesome guys with good-paying jobs who text back and have no baggage.’

Meanwhile, Pete represents: ‘guys with problems from childhood I can ‘fix,’’ suggesting that she should have chosen Antoni, and of course, saying women go for the ‘damaged’ type more.

In response to this meme, Kate simply pointed out that ‘Antoni is gay, if that helps clarify at all #queereye.’

Pretty sarcastic answer since memes are not about real life but about what a picture suggests and how it relates to people in a funny way.

Regardless, she chose not to defend Pete by insisting that he is actually a catch and just mocked the meme instead.

Trolls have also been targeting their 20 years age difference, but one source previously told HollywoodLife that ‘Kate doesn’t care a bit about the age difference between her and Pete, [because] he makes her giddy with happiness and that’s all that matters to her.’

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