Kate Beckinsale Is Reportedly Super Into Pete Davidson And One Reason Is His Age!

Kate Beckinsale Is Reportedly Super Into Pete Davidson And One Reason Is His Age!
Credit: Source: harpersbazaar.com

According to new reports, SNL comedian Pete Davidson and actress Kate Beckinsale’s relationship is out of this world! Supposedly, the 45-year-old star loves being with the man who is 20 years her junior since one reason why she liked Pete so much is that she’s been ‘embracing her youthful side’ with him.

One source shared this with Us Weekly and also went on to explain that ‘She’s always the life of any party and likes going out, dancing and just hanging out around young people at trendy places. Kate is really confident in her skin and is all about having a good time. It is no surprise she likes Pete — he makes her laugh and she likes the fact that he is younger than her.’

This only further confirms other source-based reports that claimed Kate ‘is into Pete and he’s exactly her type,’ after they were caught leaving a bar together on February 2.

As the rumored lovers exited the club and headed for a car, the paparazzi were able to capture on camera the fact that they were holding hands.

That being said, while Kate and Pete are yet to confirm their relationship, the PDA is proof enough!

Meanwhile, another insider tells HollywoodLife that Pete is into Kate in the same way she is into him and that means he is ‘not looking for anything serious.’

That is not at all surprising since he just exited a very short but intense relationship with Ariana Grande.

The source claims Pete and Kate have stayed in touch ever since they met and while they have fun, it is very casual.

The SNL comedian apparently really likes Kate’s ‘flirty and fun personality.’

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