Kate Beckinsale Comes Back To Instagram After She Wiped It Clean

Kate Beckinsale Comes Back To Instagram After She Wiped It Clean
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After the actress abruptly deleted all of her photos on Instagram, Kate Beckinsale posted a picture of herself to restart her briefly-abandoned account. It was reported yesterday that Kate, 45, who's in a relationship with the Saturday Night Live star, Pete Davidson, deleted all of her posts from Instagram.

On the 28th of March, Kate officially opened up her account again, stating that it was "back to business. Also, this is not a plant, it is a painfully attached tail," the Underworld actress joked.

As it was previously reported, Kate sat down with reporters recently in an interview to talk about her relationship with Pete Davidson, which she described as "surprising," not for the romance itself, but for the way in which the public and media have reacted to it.

As most know, Kate is nearly 20 years older than Pete Davidson - the ex-fiancé of Ariana Grande - and this simple fact has been a point of contention (and interest) among tabloids and pop culture aficionados. Recently, Pete Davidson offered his two cents on their age gap on Saturday Night Live.

The comic addressed it directly, referring to the plethora of male celebrities who have dated much younger women, like Scott Disick, Alec Baldwin, and many, many others. As for how they first got together, Kate and Pete started hanging out at the Netflix Golden Globes after-party at the beginning of the year.

It came right after he and Ariana Grande split up for good, much to their fans' chagrin. Ariana and Pete started dating shortly after she and Mac Miller broke up. Miller died from a drug overdose about six months into their relationship, sparking one of the biggest outpourings of support for a celebrity in recent memory.

Getting back to Pete and Kate's relationship, the latter has actually offered the reasoning in the past for why she has been dating so much in the past three years. Kate said in an interview once that she spent the majority of her twenties as a working mother, and she wanted to make up for lost time.

She dated Michael Sheen in the late 1990s and the early 2000s, and also married Len Wiseman in the early 2000s before their divorce in 2016.

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