Kate Beckinsale And Pete Davidson Are Serious - She's Apparently Not Just A ‘Rebound’

Kate Beckinsale And Pete Davidson Are Serious - She's Apparently Not Just A ‘Rebound’
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Since they started their fling so soon after Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande broke their engagement, most people assumed that actress Kate Beckinsale was just a rebound for the SNL comedian! However, one insider report claims that is not the case!

‘Kate totally gets why Ariana fell in love with Pete. She thinks he is hilarious, cute, charming and sexy,’ the source tells HollywoodLife.

They went on to note that despite their massive 20 years age difference, ‘Kate is totally crushing on Pete and she has a lot of fun whenever they are together. Kate has great chemistry with Pete and while she is sad things did not work out between Pete and Ariana, Kate feels lucky to be with him now.’

That was pretty obvious when the two were seen packing the PDA at a New York Rangers game, just a couple of days ago!

Kate and Pete are seemingly getting more serious by the day and they’re already at a point where they no longer hide their displays of affection.

Still, it makes sense that social media users think Kate is just a rebound since Pete started seeing her almost immediately after his very public split from Ariana Grande.

The two ended things in October of last year and in January, the comedian and the actress were spotted in each other’s company!

Regardless, the source insists that this is not a rebound romance.

In addition, ‘Kate does not feel like a rebound at all for Pete,’ either!

In fact, another insider previously told the outlet that friends of Pete’s think he may be proposing soon!

‘Pete falls hard for girls he dates and that is something that is happening with Kate. The way that he talks about her is giving his friends the vibe that he'll pop the big question to Kate really soon.’

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