Karol G Reveals That She Rejected A Role In Aquaman 2

Karol G Reveals That She Rejected A Role In Aquaman 2
Credit: Amy Sussman

Columbian singer and songwriter Karol G is one of the most loved musicians in the industry right now but the artist has recently revealed that she got an opportunity to be more than just a musician which she turned down.

According to a recent interview, Karol received an invitation to join the cast of the upcoming DCEU film, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, and she turned the role down citing not wanting to ignore her music career at the moment to be the reason.

Karol G says that taking on a project of that scale would have required her complete and undivided attention which she simply cannot offer right now as she is trying to focus on her music career. Karol explained her reasoning in the following words while speaking to Molusco TV:

“They offered me a role in the Aquaman movie, a super cool role, but the commitment was so great that it scared me. I had to stop making music for eight months, and first things first, the music. It is the most important thing in my life. That’s why I had to turn down the role.”

Karol further added:

“I am eternally grateful because I have always wanted to be the bad guy in a movie, but one has to have priorities,”

Karol isn't wrong to assume that the role would be a lot of work, since Aquaman is the biggest brand in the DCEU right now, with the first film making over a billion dollars at the box office. But perhaps that was all the more reason to accept this once in a life time opportunity. Karol G seems to disagree.

This would not have been Karol's first dig at acting though. Karol has acted in the drama Griselda. She plays the role of a drug mule in the show. And while accepting aquaman would've allowed Karol to act alongside Jason Momoa, she hasn't had a shortage of famous co-stars as in Griselda she is joined by Sofia Vergara.

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