Karlie Kloss Addresses Those Pregnancy Speculations After 'Baby Bump' Picture!

Karlie Kloss Addresses Those Pregnancy Speculations After 'Baby Bump' Picture!
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Rumors have been going around that Karlie Kloss is expecting a bundle of joy but she took to social media to put an end to the speculations. It all started when people thought they saw a baby bump in one pic she shared from her and husband Joshua Kushner’s second wedding.

It did not take long for the questions and demands to confirm the pregnancy to start pouring in on her personal page.

Finally, Karlie decided to respond to a fan who straight up asked her: ‘Are you pregnant?’

‘Not pregnant just love 🍟😇,’ the stunning model simply replied.

Her answer was so calm and understanding - even though it is not really Okay to just ask people if they are pregnant - and that suggests she is still too blissfully happy after the wedding to care too much.

Their second ceremony took place at a farmhouse in Wyoming and it seems like it was an unforgettable experience for both of them and their guests.

Karlie wanted to document and share pretty much the whole thing so, aside from that one snap that started the pregnancy speculations, she also posted many other such beautiful photos and videos from their (second) big day.

The wedding was Western themed and so, the vibe was rustic and just more casual and unique!

Everyone surely had a great time there, enjoying the countryside air and surroundings.

The happy couple also tied the knot in October of last year in New York and that previous ceremony was very different from this second one.

It was more elegant and classic but overall, both were just as impressive and special in their own ways.

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