Kardashian & Jenner Sisters File Paperwork To Trademark Their Kids Names

Kardashian & Jenner Sisters File Paperwork To Trademark Their Kids Names
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The Kardashian and Jenner sisters are going to great lengths to keep their family business safe. Kim and Khloe Kardashian , as well as Kylie Jenner, have all submitted the proper paperwork to trademark their children's names. It is a move that would prevent any company or person, other than the famous family, from benefiting from their kids' unique monikers.

TMZ was first to break the news that will make momager Kris Jenner oh so proud. The website has obtained documents to prove the crazy allegations. It is the Kardashian and Jenner kids, so anything goes with that family. All of the siblings have trademarked not only their own names but the names of their businesses as well, so doing for their kids is clearly the next step, right?

Although filing the trademark paperwork is primarily to protect their little one's names, it also indicates the famous mothers intend to utilize those names in future business ventures. The youngest of the sisters not only filed her 1-year-old daughter's name but also to trademark Stormiworld. Now the latter is a nod not only to Travis Scott's recent tour ASTROWORLD but was also the theme of Stormi's over the top first birthday party.

Once all the trademarks are in place, the family will have the ability to have their kids do endorsement deals or use their kids' names to promote other products. It would be a pretty big deal if one of the newest generation of Kardashian or Jenner kids endorsed a child or baby product. Talk about catapulting a company to the next level. The applications do not give a specific list of possible endorsement, but it is safe to say Grandma Kris already has a few ideas in mind.

Neither Kourtney nor Rob Kardashian has submitted paperwork to trademark their kid's names. Now that doesn't mean they won't down decide to go down that road later, but honestly, it doesn't really seem like either one of their things. Kourtney appears too laid back to be worried about trademarking her children's names. Rob has spent years shying away from the spotlight, so profiting off of Dream's name doesn't seem like something he would into.

What do you think about North West, Saint West, Chicago West, True Thompson, and Stormi Webster all having their unique names trademarked? Are the famous moms going to extremes?


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