Karamo Comes Under Attack From People Online After He Said Sean Spicer Was A 'Sweet Guy'

Karamo Comes Under Attack From People Online After He Said Sean Spicer Was A 'Sweet Guy'
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According to a report from the New York Post, when Sean Spicer, the old White House press secretary, was revealed as a contender in the upcoming season of ABC's Dancing With The Stars , it stirred up significant controversy, with the longtime host, Tom Bergeron, in particular, expressing his discontent.

Mr. Bergeron reportedly said it was like a "slap in the face," and now, Karamo Brown has stoked the flames of the fire, at least among his Queer Eye viewers. Karamo Brown is the "culture expert" on Netflix's show, and he'll also be in the next season of Dancing With The Stars.

Amid the social media outrage, Karamo Brown voiced his support for the former public servant under the Trump administration. During a chat with Access Hollywood, Brown referred to the former White House press secretary as a "very sweet guy."

Karamo added that he was "excited" to speak with him and have a respectful chat Some fans of the Queer Ey e star were pleased with his compassion and ability for tolerance, while others were less than thrilled.

The Bad Feminist author, for instance, Roxane Gay, tweeted that the reality star should "get a f*cking grip." While Sean has been out of the White House for approximately two years, it appears as though some people aren't willing to let him live it down.

That isn't stopping Sean from enjoying himself, however. In fact, back in August of 2017, Sean celebrated his exit from the White House with a party - although, it was actually put on by the White House. After Spicer left, Scaramucci replaced him, only taking on the role for 10 days, and then finally, Sarah Huckabee Sanders jumped at the challenge.

Before taking on the job a press secretary, Vanity Fair reports, Sean enjoyed a great reputation, however, after his brief six-month job in the Trump administration, his tenure there was reportedly marred by embarrassment and public humiliation.

With that said, it looks like he's moving past that stage of his life, and is now getting ready to shoot his shot in the world of reality television.

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