Karamo Brown Criticizes Mario Lopez For His Position On Gender Transitioning Children

Karamo Brown Criticizes Mario Lopez For His Position On Gender Transitioning Children
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Karamo Brown came out to respond to Mario Lopez's recent comments on the prospect of children undergoing gender reassignment surgery.

The 38-year-old Queer Eye star took to his Twitter account this Wednesday and expressed his "disappointment" over the television show hosts' comments.

"As a social worker," Karamo continued, "I am trained to identify abuse or neglect of a child. Health and safe dialogue with kids neither abusive, neglectful, or 'dangerous.'" Karamo went on to say that he doesn't believe Mario should be "canceled," but rather, Karamo encourages him to learn why his comments are "harmful."

As it was previously reported, the 45-year-old host of Access Hollywood gave his opinion on the controversy while on The Candace Owens Show. Candace was referring to one of Charlize Theron's children, who happens to be 7, and how the young child apparently identifies as a girl.

Owens stated that it was a "weird trend" in Hollywood, but nowhere else around the United States. Lopez went on to say in response that he, himself, was trying to come to terms with it. Lopez said he was "blown away" by the gender transitioning trend seen in Hollywood and other parts of the US.

Lopez went on to say that he thinks the idea of a three-year-old or a similarly aged child determining their gender identity was far-fetched and potentially leading to deleterious consequences in the future. Mario is married to Courtney Mazza, who has three children with him, Gia, Dominic, and Santino.

Perhaps the biggest start to undergo a sex reassignment surgery was Bruce Jenner, now known as Caitlyn Jenner. It was four years ago in April of 2015 when Bruce finally came out as a transwoman, and subsequently changed her name afterward.

Two years later, in 2017, Caitlyn underwent sexual reassignment surgery. According to Caitlyn's Wikipedia Page, she is the most famous transwoman to come out in the world.

Caitlyn's transition didn't come with effects on the family, however, as it took time for the other members of the Kar-Jenner clan to come to terms with the new change. The 69-year-old ex-Olympian later release a memoir as well, titled, The Secrets of My Life.

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