Kanye West's Behavior At the 2009 VMAs Left Both Beyonce And Taylor Swift In Tears -- A Small Gesture Made Things Slightly Better

Kanye West's Behavior At the 2009 VMAs Left Both Beyonce And Taylor Swift In Tears -- A Small Gesture Made Things Slightly Better
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It has been ten years since Kanye West's infamous blunder at the 2009 VMAs when he took the microphone out of Taylor Swift's hand while she was delivering her speech, and interrupted her to "point out" that Beyonce actually had one of the best videos of all time.

The incident immediately drew heavy criticism towards Kanye, with many of his fans pointing out that he was acting out of line.

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There were reports after the incident that Kanye might have been quite drunk, prompting him to display his unusual behavior.

However, it just recently came to light that one person in the whole situation may have been particularly badly affected -- Beyonce herself.

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According to recent statements, Van Toffler, ex-president of Viacom, eventually found Beyonce crying backstage, next to her father.

Beyonce apparently felt mortified for Taylor and claimed that she had no idea this was going to happen at all.

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The singer was seemingly distressed over Kanye's behavior and did not agree with him in the slightest.

In the end, Toffler stated that he would allow Beyonce to go up on stage again later in the evening and make a kind gesture and offer some consolation to Taylor.

That seemed to have gone over well with Beyonce, as the night progressed without any further incidents.

Toffler said: "And sure enough there is Beyonce and her dad, and she is crying. She was like, 'I didn't know this was going to happen, I feel so bad for her.' And that's when it started to click in my head, and maybe hers, about potentially having the whole arc play out in that one night."

He went on to reveal: "I think perhaps for the only time in history at the VMAs -- we knew who was going to win the awards, we had a plan for it [but did not tell the artists ahead of time] -- at some point I let her know that she was probably going to be up on the podium at the end of the show for an award. And wouldn't it be nice to have Taylor come up and have her moment then? I had to indicate to her that she needed to stay, and perhaps this is a way to have this come full circle and let [Taylor] have her moment. I would normally not say anything, but I had two crying artists."


That moment alone still managed to go down in the history of entertainment as one of the most prominent incidents on a live stage in recent years. And it has affected the careers of all three artists.

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