Kanye West Won't Be Released This Friday Reports Claim - But Kim Disagrees?

Kanye West Won't Be Released This Friday Reports Claim - But Kim Disagrees?
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According to a report from Variety.com, Kanye West's new record has been the subject of much controversy for its release date, which some have claimed is coming up on this Friday, while others claim not so much. However, Kim recently insinuated it may be coming out this week.

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian released a tweet in which she said there would be "two more days" until Jesus is King. As followers of Kanye know, last year, he released not one but five albums all at once, much to the pleasure of his fans.

It goes without saying that the rapper's commitment to release dates isn't quite as solid as other artists. Reportedly, there was a meeting between Def Jam executives and Kanye regarding the album, which took place at his home in Wyoming.

This past weekend, Rick Rubin was present at one of Kanye's Sunday Services, which some fans and insiders believe means the record is finally finished, considering Rick touched upon his last records, including Life Of Pablo and Yeezy . Additionally, Rick met up with Kanye shortly before he released Ye.

It was last month when Kanye's wife began hinting at a possible release. Additionally, Kanye unveiled his one song, "Water" at Sunday Services earlier in 2019, and also played another one during the second weekend of Coachella.

Other fans have pointed out that this album, Jesus Is King , is probably entirely different from Yandhi which was supposed to come out right after Ye dropped last year. In November, for instance, he tweeted that the record wasn't ready yet.

Since then, there hasn't been an update, other than supposed leaks which made its way online. Sources who spoke with Variety didn't reveal what was discussed between Kanye and Def Jam executives. Moreover, it's not clear whether the album will continue the supposed Christian theme either.

Kanye was the subject of much controversy over the summer for his vehement support for the president, Donald Trump, which he later rescinded. The rapper said he realized he was playing a game he didn't want to be in.

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