Kanye West Told His Pastor He Was Close To Quitting Rap, 'The Devil's Music'

Kanye West Told His Pastor He Was Close To Quitting Rap, 'The Devil's Music'
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It seems that Kanye West was once really close to dropping rap, and he reportedly told this to his pastor. The reason is the fact that rap was reportedly seen by him as 'the devil's music.'

The Shade Room has more details on all of this, as you will see below.

TSR writes that 'For all of 2019, rapper/producer/designer Kanye West has been on a whirlwind spiritual journey courtesy of his hugely popular Sunday Service sessions, where he features secular and gospel songs to spread his message.'

TSR continued and said that there was once a time when Kim Kardashian's hubby was ready to give up music.

During a new interview, Kanye’s pastor, Adam Tyson, spilled some tea and he said that during one of their previous discussions, 'Yeezy admitted that he wanted to leave the hip hop game for good because he said it was “the devil’s music.”'

TSR cites info coming from XXL magazine and reveals that Kanye was really close to dropping it all, but Tyson convinced him to do this.

Kanye talked about the sins that come together with the music industry and the fame, and he said that it's been tough for him to deal with all the temptations.

A follower commented: 'Wypepo really got y’all worshipping Ceasar Borgia & believing in some red man with a pitchfork 🍴who live underground huh? 🤔.'

Someone else blames the Kardashians for what Kanye has been through: 'The Kardashians really put this man in a dark place.'

A person believes that 'It all depends on what you put in your music tho.'

Another Instagrammer said, 'We all have faced demons, but I'm glad Ye is seeing it for what it is and making a positive change.'

Kanye made headlines not too long ago when it's been reported that he and Kim are having some pretty intense problems in their marriage.

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