Kanye West spotted in NYC after Being Hospitalized

Kanye West spotted in NYC after Being Hospitalized
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Kanye West has been laying it low since his meltdown and checking himself into the hospital for exhaustion and stress. However, for the third time only, he has been spotted out in public. This time, he was seen stepping out into New York City early Monday just two weeks after being released from the hospital. Since this is only the third time being spotted out in public, he is definitely laying it low and keeping to his private life right now.

39-year-old West was first spotted at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. Later on, he was photographed strolling through NYC’s SOHO neighborhood wearing a dark jacket, grey sweatpants, and a dark sweatshirt while sporting his new dyed blond hair. He was also seen riding BMX bikes with friends in LA on Dec. 9.

West checked himself into the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and stayed there for nine days. He had a meltdown, complaining of exhaustion and feeling stressed out. Although he and Kim Kardashian are married and have two small children, their daughter, North who is now three-years-old and son Saint, who is now 12 months old, they are living apart, according to a source. This is because he is receiving outpatient care for his meltdown. According to some sources, wife Kim is living with her mom, Kris Jenner with the children while he receives his outpatient care somewhere else. However, according to another close source to the family, this isn’t true and the married couple are both home with their small children.

US Weekly reported exclusively from sources, the meltdown West had and the hospitalization and care he went under has put more strain on their marriage. As one source says, West hasn’t seen the children much since he has been out of the hospital and Kim doesn’t plan on letting him see them. She doesn’t think it is good for the children to see their dad like this right now and, according to the source, she says she will do everything she can to protect them.

Also, according to a close friend of Kim Kardashian-West, “Kim cares about Kanye and feels relieved he’s getting the help he needs. But she’s felt trapped for awhile.”

What do you think? Which source do you believe? Do you believe they are separated currently for the family’s sake or do you believe they are actually all living together? Sound off with your opinion on this in the comments section below and let the world know what you think!


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