Kanye West Says The ‘Devil’ Is In Drake - Claims He Threatened His Family In Wild New Rant!

Kanye West Says The ‘Devil’ Is In Drake - Claims He Threatened His Family In Wild New Rant!
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It looks like Kanye West is still holding on to his old feud with Drake. In fact, just a few hours after the two seemed to make peace, Kim Kardashian's husband is once again attacking his fellow rapper.

In true Kanye fashion, the man took to social media to share a rant in which he went as far as to claim that Drake had threatened his loved ones and that he is possessed by the devil? What?

As fans know, when Kanye dissed Drake over a ‘fake’ beef, the latter seemed to apologize and it looked like that would be the end of their bad blood.

However! That couldn’t be farther from the truth since West returned to Twitter a few hours later to allege that Drake threatened his family during a phone call!

‘Drake called trying to threaten me. So drake if anything happens to me or anybody from my family you're the first suspect — So cut the tough talk,’ Kanye said in his second rant for the day.

While he never went into any detail about what exactly he told his family over the phone, Kanye Went on to slam Drake for supposedly attacking him and others, like Kid Cudi, when they were the most down in their lives.

‘When Cudi was in the hospital he sent shots. When I go through s**t he f***s with me and I’m his idol … You pick on people having mental health issues. You get people hurt at concerts.’

He also made it clear that he wants him and Drake to talk so they can prove to the world that ‘people can talk without someone ending up dead or in jail.’

‘Please take the devil ? up out you bro. You're disrespectful to all of the people with mental health conditions, so this is an opportunity for growth,’ Kanye also told his nemesis in part.

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