Kanye West Says That Democratic Establishment Wants Black People To Abort Their Children

Kanye West Says That Democratic Establishment Wants Black People To Abort Their Children
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According to a report from Page Six, Kanye West, who just released his record, Jesus Is King , earlier in the week, recently came out to say that the Democratic political establishment has "brain-washed" black Americans into thinking aborting their children was ok.

The 42-year-old rapper and supporter of the president, Donald Trump, spoke with Big Boy on Friday during the promotional tour of his latest record. According to Kanye, the democratic establishment created a system in which black people were "voting with food stamps for years."

When asked by the host whether he turned his back on black people in the United States, Kanye went on to not only make the aforementioned statement, but he also added that proliferation of guns in the 1980s, fatherlessness, contraception, and abortion, were all consequences of the democratic establishment, whether intentional or not.

The rapper referenced a passage from the bible that said, "thou shall not kill." When asked about his support of the president, he added that he'd rather vote for someone who says the "N-word" to his face, than someone where you don't really know where you stand with them.

Furthermore, when the host asked him if he believed his support of the president also implied support for racism, Kanye explained that the idea of needing to vote for a particular person just because you're a certain race, was in itself, racist.

Regarding whether or not he's worried about losing his fanbase, West explained that he's only afraid of God. West stated he had been canceled before, and he was only worried about being judged by God, and not his fellow humans.

Moreover, Kanye addressed the reports regarding his old songs, and how he recently stated he wouldn't be performing them anymore in the way he had done previously. The rapper stated he might use the same beat but likely would change the lyrics.

West jokingly stated that if someone was going to listen to the old Kanye, they might as well buy an iPod 4, perhaps even a "Sega 8-bit."

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