Kanye West Says He 'Loves' Drake After Previously Attacking Him Online!

Kanye West Says He 'Loves' Drake After Previously Attacking Him Online!
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So is Kanye West feuding with fellow rapper Drake or does he actually ‘love’ him? It looks like Kim Kardashian’s husband just keeps changing his mind about what kind of relationship he’d like to have with the In My Feelings star.

Yesterday, Kanye took to his platform to slam Drake upon realizing he was following Kim on social media, telling him to stop following his ‘fu**ing wife on Instagram.’

But only a day later, he declared that the new year is for healing, tweeting: ‘I love Drake…2019 we will all heal.’

That being said, even though the original tweets in which he attacked Drake have been deleted, they still exist since people were able to screen grab them before they were gone.

‘He dodged me for months when I extended olive branches to talk and then called to threaten me. I don’t have beef with no one. Love everyone but don’t follow my f***ing wife on Instagram,’ he wrote at the time.

Furthermore, the new year seems to have also brought back the Trump-loving Kanye even though he previously revealed his decision to stay away from politics and only focus on his music career, just as fans had been wanting for a very long time.

But in some new pro-Trump tweets, he celebrated his MAGA hat, saying: ‘One of my favorite of many things the trump hat represents to me is that people cannot tell me who I should do because I am black. That’s real racism. Trump all day.’

It seems like his break from the political scene only lasted for about two months! New year, new Kanye?

Another post from Kanye made it clear that in 2019, he only wants ‘all love.’

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