Kanye West Reveals That His New Album Drops On September 27

Kanye West Reveals That His New Album Drops On September 27
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Kanye West made his fans extremely happy. People who were wondering when will the new album be out can now celebrate.

Kanye drops his new album on September 27, and this is really exciting.

The Shade Room posted more details on the issue as you can see in the post below.

Kanye receives a lot of support, but there are also lots of haters who still say that he's canceled.

Someone defended Kanye from all the haters and said: 'Y’all hating on Kanye while your local preacher touches kids.'

Another commenter posted: 'JESUS IS KING" see people? He's not saying he is the king, he's saying JESUS is king.'

Someone else said: 'Stop with the "Issa Cult" comments. just cuz he aint praising the Lord the way some of y'all do, that doesn't make him any less/ more saved. Salvation is INDIVIDUAL and everyone should mind their own. 👏🏻'

Another hater shaded him: 'I feel like he’s playing with the lord and I won’t be apart of it 🥴'

A person posted: 'I like Kanye’s music so yes .... unless he talks about him being God 🙄'

Someone else said: 'Shoutout to black ppl canceling him & him finessing with Jesus... The easiest way to manipulate black ppl.'

One commenter shared: 'God can use anybody, especially the ones you least expect. Let’s not forget Paul (formerly Saul) used to kill Christians before he became the great apostle and wrote half the New Testament ✨ God can use Kanye to do mighty things in the Kingdom.'

In other news, Kanye just gifted DJ Khaled a really cool pair of Yeezys that have not been released yet. This was just before he boarded his private jet.

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