Kanye West Proudly Votes For Himself And Social Media Drags Him!

Kanye West Proudly Votes For Himself And Social Media Drags Him!
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Kanye West continues to make eyebrows raise with his political ambitions and behavior in general. After previously announcing that he’s running for president, shocking everyone, the rapper is now getting a lot of criticism once again due to the fact that he deiced to vote for himself and share it with the world!

Obviously, Ye received little praise, if any for that and the clap backs on Twitter are savage!

No matter what happens at the end of the day, it always seems like Kanye West is his biggest fan, so it was no surprise that the man voted for himself in the upcoming election.

So, earlier today, the rapper took to his Twitter account to share a pic of his ballot that proved he’d basically casted a vote for himself.

In the caption, the father of 4 simply wrote: ‘Friends writing me in.’

On the ballot, his name was written alongside the one of his running mate, Rocky’ De La Fuente Guerra, both listed under the American Independent Party, with Kanye being the vice presidential candidate.

Soon after, people on Twitter expressed their opinions on this.

One user pointed out that ‘If you’re writing in Kanye West on the ballot, you’re more stupid and selfish than he is, because that is a vote for Donald Trump. THIS IS NOT A GAME.’

‘Kanye West is asking people to write him in on the ballot. Reminder: WRITING-IN KANYE IS A VOTE FOR TRUMP!’ someone else shared.

But online users are not the only ones slamming this situation.

Fellow celebrities have also been using their voices to let as many people as possible know that voting for Kanye West this upcoming November means casting a vote for Donald Trump instead.

John Legend, for instance, previously called those who want to vote for Kanye, ‘misinformed’ and ‘reckless.’

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