Kanye West Protested In The Streets Of Chicago After Dropping $2 Million Donation To Black-Owned Businesses

Kanye West Protested In The Streets Of Chicago After Dropping $2 Million Donation To Black-Owned Businesses
Credit: BET

Kanye West has been seen protesting in Chicago but he did not want to make a big fuss out of it, and he wore a simple outfit in order to blend in with the crowd. Check out the videos shared by The Shade Room below.

A follower said: 'Wow. He became cordial with trump to get Kim inside the white house, donated $2 million dollars, and set up a trust for George Floyd’s daughter, and now he’s out in Chicago protesting. Ye ain’t went nowhere 😂 he’s just very strategic.'

Someone else noted that 'You can tell he wasn’t trying to be seen. He was doing this from his heart,' and another follower posted: 'can y’all just let these celebrities protest without recording or taking pictures of them?'

A follower said: 'Get the cameras out of Kanye’s face. He doesn’t want to be seen,' and someone else said: 'It’s obvious he just wanted to blend in instead of being seen. I respect that fr because it’s not about him.'

A commenter wrote: 'Walking through like he messiah. 🤣🤣 he really think he Jesus sent to save the people of Jerusalem,' and another follower said: 'Who invited him until he denounces Trump I’m not falling for it.'

Someone else said :'Yall canceled people for not agreeing with looting but you praising a man that supports trump and said slavery was a choice smh,' and an Instagrammer posted this: 'The man's trying to protest against injustice and people throwing cameras directly in his face.'

Another follower supports Kanye and said: 'I’m sure he wanted to be there but not the attention he is getting for being there. He is a high profile celebrity surrounded by fans who could possibly harm him due to his stand-in certain political issues. He is putting himself in a vulnerable position, but I’m happy he made his presence known.'

Someone else addressed haters and said: 'Y’all kept asking where he is at. Well, the whole time he was moving in silence. Regardless of how you feel about him least, he’s using his platform for positivity.'

People have been wondering what Kanye has been doing because he hasn’t tweeted since the beginning of March. But, it's been revealed that the rapper did drop $2 million to black-owned businesses in his hometown of Chicago.

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