Kanye West Praises Kris Jenner's Choice In Music Following His Social Media Rants

Kanye West Praises Kris Jenner's Choice In Music Following His Social Media Rants
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Even though Kanye West and Kris Jenner have had their setbacks over the last few months, it's clear West has an appreciation for Kris Jenner's taste in music. Hot New Hip Hop says Kanye recently came out to praise Jenner for her playlist curating abilities.

In case you missed it, Kanye West put his wife and mother-in-law on blast on his social media account, saying how both of them had tried to "lock him up" due to his recent presidential campaign, campaign rally speeches, and social media posts.

Kanye also said that Kim and Kris were "white supremacists" and referred to Kris as "Kris Jong Un." New reports claim Kanye and Kim are now back from their vacation, and it seems like their time away from the spotlight managed to do some good.

Kanye wrote on his account, "my mother in law, Kris Jenner, makes the best music playlist." According to Hot New Hip Hop, Kanye and Kim just got back to Miami on Sunday morning following their brief trip to the Dominican Republic.

Sources say Kanye is now doing very well. This all comes after Kanye said he would be running for the presidency in 2020 on the 4th of July. Since then, the rapper has been in the headlines for his efforts to get on the ballot in a number of states.

However, his efforts have been called into question by many in the political establishment. For instance, he was recently accused of forging signatures and failing to meet the proper requirements to get on the ballot.

Moreover, his political opponents have argued that Kanye isn't even serious about becoming the president of the United States. They say it's merely a tactic to take black votes away from the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

The rumors came from a Forbes text message interview with Kanye in which the editor asked Kanye whether he realized the purported impossibility of winning this year. West said he wasn't going to argue with him.


The rapper also claimed he was going to "walk" to win this year, rather than run.

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