Kanye West Officially A Billionaire Due To Yeezy Shoewear

Kanye West Officially A Billionaire Due To Yeezy Shoewear
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Forbes Magazine, who took considerable heat for labeling Kylie Jenner the youngest, female, self-made billionaire, recently revealed that Kanye West has joined the billionaire club. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Mr. West has been focusing on his estate for years.

Fans of Kanye know that his creative influence is felt throughout a number of different industries, including in the fashion world, in music, and as an influencer.

Moreover, it's not hard to see the way in which Kanye has affected shoe-game either, considering his Yeezy brand Adidas shoes are some of the most popular on the market. In fact, Forbes Magazine reported that his Yeezy brand is a major factor in his rise to the top, where he is joined by the likes of Jay-Z and Sean Combs.

Last year, Forbes Magazine reported that Mr. West was getting closer and closer to the $1 billion mark. The outlet claimed at the time that Kanye was worth $890,000,000 - just $110,000,000 shy of the billionaire club. Reportedly, West wasn't pleased with the outlet. He claimed to be worth more than $3 billion.

After looking at all of his information, including financial reports, music sales, etc, the outlet stated Mr. West has a net worth of $1.3 billion. Hot New Hip Hop claims Kanye, however, still isn't happy with that figure and they don't know how to count.

Kanye West is certainly a controversial figure. He came under considerable fire when he came out in support of the embattled president, Donald Trump.

It only got worse when he said that "slavery was a choice," in reference to the comment that black-Americans were slaves for "400 hundred years." While it's hard to say what Kanye meant exactly, some on social media believed Kanye was referring to an ideological prison, whereby black communities have limiting beliefs about their own potential for success.


As it was noted above, Forbes has reported on the Kar-Jenner clan several times, including when they listed Kylie Jenner as the world's youngest female billionaire. Social media users were displeased with the use of the term, "self-made."

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