Kanye West, Joel Osteen And The Whole Crew At Sunday Service Receive Backlash After This Video Appears

Kanye West, Joel Osteen And The Whole Crew At Sunday Service Receive Backlash After This Video Appears
Credit: BET

Just the other day, a video popped up featuring Kanye West , Joel Osteen, and the Sunday Service crew 'walking on water'. Check out the clip below.

Someone said: 'I’m surprised no pastor did this before him lol Kanye only been a Christian for like a year .. he innovative af 🤣👏'

A commenter posted this message: 'You literally can have church anywhere. God is literally everywhere. You don’t need to be in a church to have a church to feel God and to get the good word. Why is everyone so offended. I’m baffled. Just be glad ye is doing much better than he was a couple of weeks ago. I cannot take the internet it’s so negative. You guys have so much negativity in your hearts. Hatred is exactly what’s wrong with humanity now.'

One other follower said: 'Yep, it’s official they going to hell,' and someone else posted this: 'It’s one thing to preach the word, it’s another to act as the master instead of the servant smh!'

A commenter wrote: 'Stop commenting, “Blasphemy”. Ye is just trynna do what the Bible does in a different light. It’s not a cult, he’s just doing what he feels like his purpose is, which is speeding the name of Jesus. Keep going Ye! God sees you!'

Someone else posted this: 'Come on y’all, stop the insanity he did this to shout out the story of Peter and Jesus, I was there! Too bad you weren’t cause you wouldn’t be saying that!'

In other news, Kanye West recently talked about wife Kim Kardashian  almost aborting their firstborn,  North West  once again!

During a new interview for Nick Cannon on his ‘Cannon’s Class’ podcast, the rapper revealed the scariest part of that nearly happening.

Kanye was extremely open when he addressed the issue and this impressed fans.

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  • Vanessa Daugherty
    Vanessa Daugherty Sep 7, 2020 6:18 PM PDT

    Mr K. West is a very confused young man one moment he want to run for president of the United States now he want to be religious you want to come into other people's world that's already been made and make it his he's confused about what his own identity and choices maybe in life I just want to know are you a rapper are you a minister or president of the United States who are you young man

  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones Sep 7, 2020 4:55 PM PDT

    This action really scared me. I do not understand why Joel Osteen would participate in this insane action. I am extremely concerned about Joel's relationship with Kanye West. I have always respected Joel and the positive thoughts he give me, but now I am disappointed.

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