Kanye West Is Reportedly Bailing On Rap Music To Make Gospel Instead

Kanye West Is Reportedly Bailing On Rap Music To Make Gospel Instead
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According to a report from Fox News, Kanye West, the rap icon, reportedly claimed he would no longer be making traditional rap music, and is instead, opting for more of a gospel style. A Chicago music promoter who's close to the rapper revealed the news.

Reportedly, West made this remark on Saturday while at a listening gathering for his upcoming record, Jesus is King: A Kanye West Experience. Andrew Barber, who owns Fake Shore Drive, claimed Kanye would no longer be making "secular music."

The media company owner informed reporters that Mr. West was going to create and perform Gospel music from now on. Barber, additionally, said to Fox Business that he intends on no longer continuing as an entertainer.

For the longest time, the controversial performer has been postponing the release of the record, however, his partner, Kim Kardashian, released part of the tracklist this past Friday. People attending the party had to seal their cell phones in locked pouches in order to listen to the record. There has been no video evidence of the rapper explaining his future musical direction.

During a conversation with the hosts of The View , the Life of Pablo artist claimed the album proved "instrumental" in his path to becoming a Christian. Reportedly, Kanye looked to God and Christianity to help heal his wounds.

This past Saturday, the rapper made an appearence at the Chance The Rapper concert in Chicago at the United Center. Thus far, fans of the rapper and other social media users have expressed disbelief at the news, considering the rapper frequently changes album titles and cover art.

Regardless, there's no question that Mr. West knows how to rustle feathers and stir up controversy. For instance, in the Summer of 2018, the rapper expressed his vehement support of the derided president, Donald Trump, including in a monologue on the set of Saturday Night Live.

The rapper claimed that people backstage at NBC Studios were "bullying" him for his political views. West's opinions and statements were the subject of particular criticism from the black and hip-hop community.

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