Kanye West Is Perplexed By The Backlash To His "White Lives Matter" Merch

Kanye West Is Perplexed By The Backlash To His "White Lives Matter" Merch
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According to people close to Kanye West, the rapper-turned-designer is perplexed by the criticism that was leveled against the most recent collection he released. However, this criticism did not result from a deliberate PR ploy aimed to incite outrage.

At the unexpected presence of his YZY Season Nine collection, which took place on Monday at Paris Fashion Week, West wore a T-shirt with Pope Francis's face on the front and the words "White Lives Matter" on the back. Candace Owens, a controversial conservative YouTuber who was also donning the same shirt as he was, was his guest for the broadcast, and models wore the shirt while it was being shown.

As soon as he saw the odd designs, front-row visitor Jaden Smith instantly walked out of the concert, and West received widespread criticism from public figures, journalists, and activists.

However, according to people who have spent time with West since the show in France, he is dissatisfied that he couldn't communicate his message to the audience successfully.

According to an insider, he believes it is a personal computer issue. He feels that the opposite side of the argument regarding race in the United States deserves to be heard. They went on to say that he is perplexed as to why other people do not perceive that.

The Anti-Defamation League has reportedly labeled the phrase "White Lives Matter," which was coined as a reply to the Black Lives Matter campaign, as hate speech and ascribed [it] to white supremacists like the Ku Klux Klan. This was reported by the New York Times.

West has been transparent about his battles with bipolar disorder, and he referred to the hospitalization in a meandering address that he gave before the event began.

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