Kanye West Is Moving Back To Chicago For Good & Making An Album With Chance The Rapper - What About Kim?

Kanye West Is Moving Back To Chicago For Good & Making An Album With Chance The Rapper - What About Kim?
Credit: Source: bet.com

Kanye West shocked his fans with his latest announcement, and we bet he shocked Kim as well. He said that he is moving back to his hometown of Chicago for good and he doesn't plan ever to leave again.

He also said that he would be making an album with Chance the Rapper. But the whole things would be kind of uncomfortable for his marriage to Kim Kardashian as she and the kids are in Calabasas.

Kanye appeared alongside Chance on September 17 in Chi-Town and said 'I want to thank my brother Chance for bringing me back to Chicago. I wanna let you know I’m moving back to Chicago and never leaving,' and the audience was both shocked and delighted.

'Me and Chance working on a brand new album. It’s called Good Ass Job,' he continued, and the fans went crazy with excitement.

Music fans are definitely thrilled about this news, but we don't know how Kim feels about this. She hasn't reacted in any way on social media so far.

Kim and Kanye just added their third child to their brood via surrogate back in January, and they named the baby girl after Kanye’s hometown of Chicago.

We bet that Kim can’t be too happy about a potential move in Chicago. Kanye can be a very unpredictable man, and people could start to wonder if he seriously discussed this life-changing move with his wife.


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  • MZ.Jeiye
    MZ.Jeiye Sep 18, 2018 8:45 AM PDT

    If he had said that he was moving back emotionally, then, people would believe him. He's NOT that crazy! With all of the violence going on in Chicago, do you really believe that Kanye West-- after working so hard to get a Kardashian, not just any Kardashian either, Kim. Do people think that he will marry her, give her babies, then move to a city where their Kardashian-West lives could be in ANY danger???? He didn't believe it himself when he said it. Take your pills Kanye. Stop talking crazy!!!!!

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