Kanye West Has Already Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race

Kanye West Has Already Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race
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It didn't take long for Kanye West to drop out of the presidential race after making a big splash near the beginning of the month with his tweets . Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Kanye tried to be added to the ballot list in Florida but it was too late.

As it was previously reported, Kanye West said he would be running for the 2020 presidency against Donald Trump. Mr. West took to his social media account to rail against vaccinations as well as abortion, further dividing his fan base.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Kanye was too little too late in six other states, and the deadline was coming up on a few others. However, he tried to get his name in at the last minute in Florida and South Carolina, but to no avail.

The Intelligencer was the first to report that Kanye dropped out because he simply ran out of time. Reportedly, the controversial performing artist tried to get into the presidential race this year as a third-party candidate, rather than in the Democrats or the Republicans.

Kanye took to his Twitter account approximately two weeks ago to say he would be running for the 2020 presidency. Many fans of his rolled their eyes, however, there were a few artists who proclaimed their support.

One of them was YG, who said during an interview that he would definitely vote for Kanye West if he managed to get his name in the race . Other celebrities were less forgiving, including Jamie Foxx, who reportedly called Kanye a "clown" and said nobody had time for him anymore.

Fans of Kanye know that he sparked controversy recently when he came out as a Trump supporter. During an appearance on TMZ, the rapper suggested that the idea of black people being slaves for "400 years" was a "choice."

His comments were widely disparaged by other entertainment industry figures, however, some argued that Kanye was referring more to mindset, rather than literal slavery.

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