Kanye West Gifts DJ Khaled A Pair Of Unreleased Yeezys

Kanye West Gifts DJ Khaled A Pair Of Unreleased Yeezys
Credit: BET

Kanye West is a true friend! He gifted DJ Khaled a really cool pair of Yeezys that have not been released yet. This was just before he boarded his private jet and The Shade Room revealed the video.

Someone said: 'That casual stroll to the jet is a mf mood.'

Another commenter posted: 'They walking back to their private jets like it's Uber,' and someone else shared: 'Aww nothing warms my heart like rich people getting free things!! God bless him!🤗'

Another person gushed over Kanye and said: 'i'm sorry but I believe Kanye genuinely has a good heart ❤️'

A follower shared: 'Doesn’t it fit him Is the real question?😂😂😂'

One fan posted: 'friends who have accomplished things in life will be the only ones who understand this exchange of love and support! 💯 maybe yall need better friends 🤷🏽‍♂️'

It was reported earlier today that T.I. shared a photo in which he’s together with Kanye West and people are really surprised.

Tip’s fans ask him whether this means that Kim Kardashian’s hubby is no longer canceled these days.

You may be aware of the fact that Kanye triggered massive controversy when he publicly declared his support for President Donald Trump.

He's been shaded by a lot of people following the political issues related to Trump and Kanye's love for him.


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