Kanye West Finally Drops Jesus Is King LP Following Repeated Delays

Kanye West Finally Drops Jesus Is King LP Following Repeated Delays
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According to a report from Page Six, not long before the midnight hours last night, Kanye West took to his Twitter account to essentially confirm the release of his new record, Jesus Is King, which he stated would hit streaming platforms and record store shelves on the 25th of October, Friday.

Fans who thought Kanye was simply messing with them, later found out it was true. Kanye took to his Twitter one hour later and stated that he and the rest of his crew wouldn't "sleep until this album is out." This Friday, Kanye released the record on all streaming platforms after many social media murmurs.

As it was previously reported, last month, Kanye West's wife, Kim Kardashian, took to her social media accounts to announce the release of Jesus Is King. When it wasn't released on the 27th of September, Kanye continued to stoke the fire of speculation.

Later, Kanye stated the record would come out on the very same day as the release of his IMAX documentary with the same title. Famously, the rapper created his latest record in Wyoming, which many fans had speculated on the reason for why he chose to work there.

As fans of the rapper know, Kanye is arguably one of the greatest music marketers in the game, taking into consideration is headline-grabbing behavior and comments; cryptic yet wildly entertaining social media posts; as well as his ability to create tension and expectation.

Last year, Kanye dropped another record, Ye, after a long summer of raucous behavior and bizarre interviews. For instance, during an appearence on NBC's Saturday Night Live, Kanye took to the stage wearing a red "Make America Great Again"-hat, despite the massive ribbing he took from the SNL cast members.

Moreover, West later appeared at the TMZ offices where the entertainment news publication conducted an interview with him and asked him why he was supporting the president, whom the entertainment industry, Hollywood, and the media all hate. Regardless, Ye later came out and went to #1, although, it didn't stay on the charts for long.

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