Kanye West Drops New Music On Christmas Day — Listen To 'Emmanuel' Now

Kanye West Drops New Music On Christmas Day — Listen To 'Emmanuel' Now
Credit: Source: Awaken 2020/Sunday Service Choir/Instagram

Kanye West was nowhere to be seen in Kim Kardashian's family Christmas photos and he may not have been active on social media, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been busy. Kanye West surprised his fans by dropping a new EP on Christmas day called Emmanuel . The EP isn't lengthy by any means and features five songs that last a total of 12 minutes. Emmanuel comes a year after the Sunday Service Choir released their Christmas album Jesus Is Born that was released several months after Jesus is King .

The five-track EP is available to listen to on Spotify and Apple music. Kanye West described the tracks as being inspired by ancient and Latin music and the celebration of the miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The tracklist for Emmanuel is as follows.

1. "Requiem Aeternam"

2. "O Mira Nox"

3. "O Magnum Mysterium"

4. "Puer"

5. "Gloria"

Kanye hasn't shared any of the tracks on his social media pages though his wife Kim Kardashian is tweeting about them and shared information about the EP on her Instagram account.

The Sunday Service YouTube topic page is playing the tracks. You may hear the song "Gloria" from Kanye West's new EP Emmanuel in the video player below.

You may listen to the full EP here.

Kanye West declared he won't record any more secular music and has committed himself to serve God with his gifts and talents. His album Jesus Is King was a huge success and was so well received that he scored a 2021 Grammy nomination in the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album category.

The 2021 Grammys will air on CBS on January 31, 2021, and fans are hoping that Kanye West and the Sunday Service Choir will perform. At this point, it is unclear who will perform (and how they will appear) but there is a good chance Kanye will be invited to perform.

Have you listened to Kanye's new, surprise Emmanuel EP? What do you think of the tracks?


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