Kanye West Drops $14 Million On Wyoming Ranch — Some Ask If He's Starting A Cult

Kanye West Drops $14 Million On Wyoming Ranch — Some Ask If He's Starting A Cult
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kanye West just dropped $14 million on a gorgeous Wyoming ranch, and now fans are wondering if he and Kim will leave Los Angeles and move their family there. Some are even asking if they are going to start a cult! Kanye has spent time in the northern state and is recording his new Gospel-themed album there. According to reports by TMZ, the ranch is officially called Monster Lake Ranch and is located outside of the city of Cody.  This isn't a paranormal site, but rather, it derives the name Monster Lake due to an abundance of monster trout. With over 9,000 acres, Kanye and Kim have massive amounts of options for the property. But it seems like it would be the perfect location for Sunday Service or at least specially-themed church-based events.

Though Kanye was always known for his strong spirituality, it wasn't until January 2019 when he launched his Sunday Services that people saw the musical visionary could lead people into deep spiritual realms. Celebrities and civilians alike have raved about Kanye's services and the music. He uses revolutionary methods and means to help raise spiritual frequencies, including sound and color. But not all are thrilled with the movement. There are growing fears that the cult of Kanye and Kim Kardashian may one day become an actual religious cult!

Now that he has purchased the Wyoming property, devoted fans hope that there will be some part of it that will be used for public services rather than it simply being dedicated solely for private use.

In a Vogue Arabia article, it was divulged that Kim Kardashian not only wants to move to Wyoming but also to practice law there.

Speaking to Kanye for the magazine, Kim discussed where she would like to be within the next ten years. Kim also plans to take the bar exam in 2022. Kim stated the following while speaking to Kanye.

“In my mind I’m already living in those 10 years. I see us living on a ranch in Wyoming, occasionally going to Palm Springs and our home in Los Angeles — and becoming a lawyer.”

What do you think of those who are against Kanye's spiritual movement? Do you think he may become a cult leader? Would you attend one of Kanye's Sunday Services if it were opened to the public on his Wyoming ranch?

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