Kanye West Dropped Out Of Joel Osteen's Sunday Service - Here Are All The Details

Kanye West Dropped Out Of Joel Osteen's Sunday Service - Here Are All The Details
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It's been revealed that earlier this week, Tyler Perry, Kanye West, and more celebrities were supposed to spend parts of their Easter with Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church. It seems that according to Acs13houston, the church has already confirmed that Kanye West won't be joining them for service anymore.

The Shade Room confirmed the news and revealed all the available details that you can also check out below.

'The church stated that Kanye was supposed to be a part of the event, but he and his team dropped out due to technical issues. Lakewood Church also reportedly stated that Kanye was unable to create what he wanted to with a large virtual choir in such a short amount of time. Everyone else will still be performing,' TSR captioned their post.

A shocked follower said: 'Y’all still supporting Joel Olsteen? In 2020? After he left them, people, outside in the hurricane? Lmao,' and someone else posted the following message: 'Kanye probably mad because he didn’t have his way.'

One other follower posted this message: 'No cap Kanye made me wanna start going to church again 💫'

Someone else posted this: 'I mean, we're in the middle of a pandemic! Who wants to go to church with a group of people and get sick??'

Someone else was also on the same page and said: 'I mean was people gonna be at the church anyways we all in the house trying to stay germ-free.'

A follower posted this: 'Yup good Joel didn’t wanna help all them people during that flood! But wanna reap the benefits.'

Back in March, Kanye made headlines in relation to Taylor Swift .

Back then, her publicist came out to  address the recently resurfaced phone called between Kanye and Taylor Swift , in which the former asked permission to use her name in a song called Famous .

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