Kanye West Donates $150,000 To The Family Of Jemel Roberson Who Was Mistakenly Fatally Shot

Kanye West Donates $150,000 To The Family Of Jemel Roberson Who Was Mistakenly Fatally Shot
Credit: Source: bet.com

Jemel Roberson was shot to death by mistake by an officer who was responding to a bar shooting. People donated money to his family, and Kanye West did the same, according to the latest reports.

'Ye dropped $150,000 to support the family, according to @People. A fan account screenshot Kanye’s 10 $15,000 donations and shared it on social media. Jemel’s mother has filed a lawsuit against the officer who took her son’s life,' The Shade Room announces.

People generally appreciated Kanye's gesture even if some voices are still slamming him for his Trump support.

Someone noted, 'Good deed being he from the Chicago area. So let's not think about the Trump mess with this case.'

Another follower said 'No matter what anyone says about Kanye I’ve always had love for a man I’ve never met, we humans need to stop being so evil and cruel then maybe the world will be a better place. Michael Jackson sang the right song Heal the world. We must not make a fuss on who one support, who one love. We all were given all of us a free will.'

One commenter praised Kanye's gesture and posted 'That was really heartfelt Kanye, keep using your platform to help people NOT confuse them.'

Kanye has been facing tons of heat from the whole African-American community for the Trump issue, and while many of Kanye’s buddies have turned their back on him, some people haven’t done the same.

Pharrell Williams had an exclusive interview with Complex, and he also addressed the subject Kanye West, telling people to still support him .

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