Kanye West Defends T.I.'s Controversial Comments About Checking Daughter's Hymen - It Was ‘God Approved’

Kanye West Defends T.I.'s Controversial Comments About Checking Daughter's Hymen - It Was ‘God Approved’
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Even T.I. tried to backtrack his original statement about checking his 18 year old daughter’s virginity by going with her on yearly gyno checks when he realized the backlash. However, Kanye West, as unapologetically himself as he is, seems to be defending the fellow rapper now.

Ye stated during his latest Sunday Service that ‘God approved’ of TIP’s widely criticized actions when it comes to his teen daughter, Deyjah.

That’s right! T.I. received a lot of criticism for his comments which caused him to address them and explain he exaggerated for entertainment purposes but Kanye now says the other man did the right thing.

Celebrating a year since he started his Sunday Service, Kanye held a sermon at Skid Row in Los Angeles.

It was a passionate speech and at some point, he defended TIP, telling the crowd that ‘They tried to play T.I. but he’s talking about something that’s God approved.’

Kim Kardashian’s husband did not mention what comments he was referring to but the scandal was public enough for a lot of people to know even without a direct reference.

In case you missed it or need a refresher, T.I. revealed that he checks his 18 year old daughter’s virginity every year by going with her to the gynecologist.

T.I. did mention that the specialist would explain to him that the hymen is not an accurate way to know if she’s a virgin or not since it can be broken during other activities as well, not just during intercourse.

Regardless, T.I. jokingly shared what he’d tell the doctor, making a lot of people mad: ‘She don’t ride horses, she don’t ride bikes, she don’t play sports, [so] just check her hymen please and give me back my results expeditiously.’

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