Kanye West Congratulates Kamala Harris - Says He Looks Forward To Running Against Her

Kanye West Congratulates Kamala Harris - Says He Looks Forward To Running Against Her
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This past week, it was reported by several outlets that Kamala Harris was going to run alongside Joe Biden as the vice-presidential candidate. The news was met with tremendous positivity in the entertainment industry, with even people like T.I and Kanye West chiming in.

Earlier today, Kanye took to his Twitter account to congratulate Kamala Harris for being selected to run alongside Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

As most know, Kamala Harris ' position as the vice-presidential candidate is the first time a Black/Asian-American woman has run.

Kanye lost his mother in a botched plastic surgery operation in the late 2000s, a fact he alluded to in his tweet. These days, Kanye is also running for the presidency, and it's clear from his social media post that he still believes he'll win.

You can check out Kanye's tweet below:

As it was noted above, many other celebrities and entertainment industry figures congratulated her, including Demi Lovato , Katy Perry, John Legend, Taylor Swift, T.I, and more. Fans know Kanye first announced he was going to run during the fourth of July weekend.

The star has been trying to get on ballots in a number of states, however, some have questioned his motives. As the rumor goes, Kanye may have started his own campaign to take votes away from Joe Biden who is running against Kanye's former friend, Donald Trump.

Kanye has publicly supported Trump a number of times in the mainstream press. For instance, he appeared on Saturday Night Live and wore a red Make America Great Again hat. While on stage, Kanye said the people backstage were bullying him for wearing it.

During a conversation with reporters from TMZ, Kanye explained his thoughts toward the idea of what one is allowed to say and think. The chat proved to be very controversial due to Kanye's comments on slavery.

Kanye criticized the idea of "400 years of slavery," saying that it sounded like a "choice" to him. The rapper later dropped a new record titled, Ye , his last effort before Jesus Is King , his first gospel album.

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