Kanye West Calls Wife Kim Kardashian A White Supremacist And Twitter Is In Shock!

Kanye West Calls Wife Kim Kardashian A White Supremacist And Twitter Is In Shock!
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When everyone believed that Kanye West would be able to get his head together, he started to rant again on social media. His Twitter is literally flooded by all kinds of messages, one stranger than the other.

It's been recently revealed that Kanye West was reportedly getting ready to run for the US President. He went  on with his plans  to run for the U.S. President.

Recently, Ye held his first presidential event in South Carolina on Sunday, but had a breakdown that made everyone  concerned about his state of mind .

Kanye said at one point that his wife Kim Kardashian tried to lock him up. After that, he was thanking Dave Chappelle for coming to see his in these difficult moments, but he did not stop here.

Check out some other things he had to say!

He even called Kim a white supremacist!

Someone said: 'Just cause it sounds crazy doesn’t mean it’s not true yall. Kanye has his moments but this man is smart.'

Another commenter posted this message: 'Prayers for Kanye?? Can y’all keep that same energy for Britney when she’s minding her Caucasian business.'

One other follower said: 'As long as this ends with him being divorced from that family. I’m with it. Prayers for Ye. Goodnight.'

Someone else had a message for poor Kim: 'Kim please stay strong. All she ever wanted was to be a good wife and a good mother. Fight for your husband to get the help he really needs. Kanye you wilding but I love you still black man. It’s gonna be ok ❤️'

Another person said this: 'Kanye is not crazy he wants to separate from evil,' and someone else posted: 'It’s something we don’t know that Kanye trying to tell us.'


Anyway, it's more than obvious that Ye is dealing with some kind of issues and fans are trying to support him and the family.

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