Kanye West Appears To Shade Jennifer Aniston's Comment On His Run For The Presidency

Kanye West Appears To Shade Jennifer Aniston's Comment On His Run For The Presidency
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Kanye West has allegedly fired shots at Jennifer Aniston , Page Six reported. Fans of Aniston know she took to her social media account this week to show off that she had voted in the election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Anison wrote on her IG, however,  that it "wasn't funny" to vote for Kanye.

In case you missed it, the 43-year-old Yeezy creator asked his fans and followers to write his name on their ballot in the election this year, however, Aniston told her followers to vote for someone else instead. Aniston endorsed Joe Biden.

The 51-year-old wrote on her account that the "whole thing" wasn't just about a particular issue or a specific candidate. In addition to telling her fans to vote for someone other than Kanye, Jennifer told her followers to "please be responsible."

West, who's married to Kim Kardashian, first dropped his presidential campaign ad earlier in the month . The rapper screenshotted a recent Vanity Fair article which showed that Jennifer had fired shots at Kanye, and the rapper wrote in response, "Wow, that Rogan interview got'em shook. Let's go!"

As it was previously reported, West did a three-hour interview on The Joe Rogan Experience where he and the host of the popular podcast talked about everything from his presidency this year, the music industry, to the coronavirus.

Kanye West's conversation with Joe Rogan sparked multiple headlines this past week. The pair of celebrities had been trying to do a podcast for months, even years, however, something always came up.

Fans of the popular performing artist know that Kanye regularly announces plans but then rescinds on them, so many believed even the podcast wouldn't come to fruition. Additionally, when West said he was going to run for the presidency, people assumed he was joking.


For instance, Oprah Winfrey told Kanye that he didn't want to run for office . The rapper claims many people told him it would be wise to become the governor of California before first, that way he could prove himself as a politician.

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