Kandi Burruss's Daugther, Riley Burruss, Is Enjoying Life In New Photos, And She Has A Message For The People Bashing Her Nose Job

Kandi Burruss's Daugther, Riley Burruss, Is Enjoying Life In New Photos, And She Has A Message For The People Bashing Her Nose Job
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The teenage daughter of Kandi Burruss is tired of the comments that she has been getting since unveiling her new nose job to the world.

Riley Burruss, who has appeared numerous times on The Real Housewives of Atlanta with her mother, recently took to social media, where she posted two new photos of herself smiling and enjoying life.

Riley told her haters: "Love me or hate me. Either way, I’m on your mind.❤️"

One fan said: "Nobody loves or hates you lRiley. You’re on nobody’s mind. 🤦🏽‍♀️I d hUjust hate the fact surgeons still don’t know how to contour black noses without making them look like er hateMJ 😑🤦🏽‍♀️."

Another commenter explained: "JT from the City girls got a nose job, and it looks good. Kandi should be ashamed because she has the money to make sure she went to the best of the best because you’re right. She looks like MJ. so sad. She does not look pretty at all."

A person shared: "Ciara and kelly Rowland noses are countered perfect. They do, but people fail to find a surgeon that does ethnic noses correct. I wish we loved our features. affordable with them cheap surgeons that would have you botched.. I’m talking about the ones celebs dog to in Hollywood, not you hometown."

This supporter replied: "I didn’t know JT had a nose job hers looks natural... that’s what I’m saying 🙌🏾lots of times subtle changes work best ... softening the nose features..instead of hacking it to bits 🥴I liked her old face, but to each is own."

A fifth comment read: "She is beautiful either way! But let’s be very HONEST her surgeon failed her, the nose doesn’t even go with her face at all!! And why is everyone getting the pointy MJ nose!!"

This woman revealed: "I don’t condone slandering anyone, but we do to start promoting self-love. The world puts these insecurities & pressure on women to go out & permanently alter themselves. I have a wide nose, but I have grown to accept me just how I am.. beautiful ✊🏽👑"

This social media user added: "Her old nose matched her face. She looks funny now.said they better not ever talk about Nene’s looks again cause Riley look like her child now! Same women slandering her for her nose, would be the first to do the same if they actually could afford it. Y’all just jealous, Tbh."

Riley seems proud of the alleged nose job.

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  • Carla
    Carla Aug 9, 2020 3:16 PM PDT

    Leave her alone. Bullies, let her live her life. She is beautiful either way. Haters gone hate. Stay up Riley.

    • A. S.
      A. S. Aug 10, 2020 7:33 AM PDT

      Why are people worried about spending money that's not theirs. She got in to NYU let's talk about that!!

  • Michelle
    Michelle Aug 9, 2020 6:41 AM PDT

    Stop posting pictures if you do not want to be judged !!!!

  • Michelle
    Michelle Aug 9, 2020 6:38 AM PDT

    Riley trust and believe that you are not on anyone mind, however when news stories come out people read them. If you choose to be a plus size woman with a European nose go for it.

  • Idele m dawson
    Idele m dawson Aug 8, 2020 7:06 PM PDT

    If she likes it, then I love it! But I'm suprised that Kandi allowed this to happen again,bc we know this isn't the 1st procedure this young lady has had. Furthermore, I think Kandi should be more of a mom then trying to be a buddy to her daughter. Its too much giving. Let her learn that she can't have everything, without doing hardwork, n making sacrifices.

  • Janet Lewis
    Janet Lewis Aug 8, 2020 7:29 AM PDT

    Leave her alone I think she look beautiful. If she feel uncomfortable or don’t like something about herself and can afford it do it .. Her mom is smart enough to make sure she is making sound good decisions $$ Right 🤷🏽‍♀️ Girl live your best life be happy and look good doing it 💯💯 🎓🙌🏾. I don’t like my nose hate taking pics but self confidence is a wonderful feeling.

    • Skyy
      Skyy Aug 10, 2020 5:12 PM PDT

      No one would know who Riley was if it was not for her mom. She has to grow up and find her own way in life. She needs to be taught life skills and to be independent. Fade to the back and find your individual independence.

  • Beretha Fagin
    Beretha Fagin Aug 7, 2020 5:12 PM PDT

    The so called celebrities or their children always posting then get mad if remarks are not to their liking. Stop posting and won't have to worry about people speaking "their" truth

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